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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

Dallas Neighborhoods

Understanding the nuances, directions and trends of neighborhoods that make up Dallas.

Patchwork Quilt of Backyards is Dallas’ Central Park

In 1990, when Dallas was going through its great economic depression, it actually had a chance to have...

Backyard Rental House and Residencial Lawn Service/Granny Flat Zoning Threatens Trees, Breezes, Birds and Neighborhoods

The Dallas city manager and housing director are proposing a devastating blanket zoning change:  allowing...

Older Neighborhoods of Dallas Book, Launched on the Texas Sesquicentennial, Still Relevant

The history and direction of older Dallas neighborhoods in a book by Douglas Newby launched at Texas...

Popular Greenway Parks Surges Again

Find Out Why Greenway Parks Has Always Been a Very Popular Dallas Neighborhood and Now is Receiving a...

Adding Density Destroys Neighborhoods One House at a Time

Density is the Holy Grail of New Urbanism, from creating new zoning for granny flats, rooming houses,...

FD Luxe Explores Controversy of Modern Home in Highland Park

See how modern homes can elevate the look of a traditional block or create controversy.

Shortage of Modern Homes in Highland Park

There is a shortage of modern homes everywhere, particularly in Highland Park. Families seek serenity...

Architect O’Neil Ford Designed His First Modern Home in Turtle Creek Park

One of my favorite homes is this exquisite modern home built in 1936, combining simplicity of era with...

Turtle Creek Park is the Perfect Dallas Neighborhood

How can a neighborhood be better than 33 architect-designed homes surrounded by creeks, trails, hills...

Beverly Drive Chosen as First Street to be Featured as Neighborhood

Beverly Drive is one of five most iconic streets in Dallas, so makes sense it is selected by Dallas Morning...

President and Mrs. Bush’s New Home?

I was first to identify the new home of President and Mrs. Bush. People were guessing, I waited until...

Turtle Creek – Dredged and Groomed

Even great sources of beauty can become tired and dingy. Turtle Creek now sparkles as does neighborhood.

Enjoy Seeing Dallas Neighborhoods with Google Street View Maps

Google street view maps changed what we know, how we see, and how we understood neighborhoods.

University Park’s Best Midcentury Modern Home

Here is a small, midcentury home that lives big.