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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.


Discover how ADUs and backyard rental houses destabilize older neighborhoods, deforest backyards, eliminate thousands of acres of natural habitat. Find out the 24 ways ADUs devastate neighborhoods one house at time.

Patchwork Quilt of Backyards is Dallas’ Central Park

  In 1990, when Dallas was going through its great economic depression, it actually had a chance...

Backyard Rental House and Residencial Lawn Service/Granny Flat Zoning Threatens Trees, Breezes, Birds and Neighborhoods

The Dallas city manager and housing director are proposing a devastating blanket zoning change:  allowing...

Adding Density Destroys Neighborhoods One House at a Time

  Density is the Holy Grail of New Urbanism, from creating new zoning for granny flats, rooming...