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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.


Braxton Werner and Paul Field Receive 2011 Dallas AIAHonor Award for Residence

Here is one of my favorite architects who are destined to win many other awards for their fine work.

FD Luxe Explores Controversy of Modern Home in Highland Park

See how modern homes can elevate the look of a traditional block or create controversy.

An Exploration of Modern Design – New Traditional

See how the Viennese Secessionists influenced the contemporary design of a traditional home.

Green Architect Designed Home Assembled on Site

Steve Glenn of Living Homes assembled home at TED conference, showcasing green materials and good design.

Which Firm Received 2010 AIA and Texas Society of Architects Firm of the Year?

It is easy to see why Graham Greene and Oglesby-Greene Architects received Texas AIA Firm of Year.

Architectural Photographer Charles Davis Smith Illuminates Architecture

Architectural photographer Charles Davis Smith has consistently taken photographs that have helped propel...

Celebrating the First Home Architect Gary Cunningham Designed

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the first home Gary Cunningham designed received an AIA award. Twenty-five...

Best of Dallas Home Tours

Home tours in Dallas have proliferated, however, the AIA modern tour stands out or its juried collection...

Landscape Architect Can Define Architectural Project

Dallas has enjoyed many fabulous collaborations of talented landscape architects and architects creating...

What Makes Some Modern Architecture Timeless?

Architecture that submits to its site, that takes its design cues from a site has best chance to remain...

Was Architect David Williams Influenced by this 1907 Lumber Yard Ad?

Architect David Williams grew up in a sod house in Kansas and became the architect that created the Texas...

Shortage of Modern Homes in Highland Park

There is a shortage of modern homes everywhere, particularly in Highland Park. Families seek serenity...

Architect Reinterprets Location

Ron Wommack, FAIA, took an obscure lot in a forgotten neighborhood and did something spectacular in a...

Facebook Provokes an Architecture Conversation With the World.

Facebook has connected those from around the world interested in good architecture, encouraging more...

Richard Meier Designed Modern Home for Residence, Gallery and Museum

Few houses in Dallas or the country have had the impact of this home on art, architecture or the local...

Dallas Architecture Blog Identified as one of 100 Most Innovative Blogs

Dallas Architecture Blog has been on many lists of best architecture blogs for its emphasis on sharing...

An Architectural Progression of Architecture Patrons – One Family’s Homes

See the first modern home of an architecture patron who loves modern design and his most recent modern...

Private-Public Preservation Tools Coming to Dallas and Highland Park

There is so much that needs to be saved and underutilized tools to accomplish this.

Frank Robert Designed House as Bridge

Houses incorporating a bridge are romantic, daring and bring one closer to nature.

Architect designed home demonstrates link — Mediterranean and Modern

Robert Meckfessel designed a home in Greenway Parks that demonstrates the link between Mediterranean...