I have become increasingly impressed with how knowledgeable people are about architecture and good design. Even ten years ago, the concept of architecturally significant homes was often confusing to many people. Now the concept of architecturally significant homes is increasingly understood, aspirational, and embraced. Modern homes are generating the most interest whether they are classic modern, Texas modern, or mid-century modern. Classical architecture is also being explored and pursued in the best possible ways. Dallas benefits from having great architects who have great clients. 

Dallas also benefits from the number of internationally recognized architects who come to Dallas and do their best work. While the rest of the country was booming, Dallas was in a lull recovering from the implosion of the mid-1980s. Dallas now has the excitement, momentum, and projects that attract great talent from across the country.

I have been fortunate throughout my civic and professional career to often see the most important homes, best design, and plans for future projects and be aware of events, tours, conferences, and symposia that explore our city and its future. Periodically through the years, I’ve written and shared my thoughts, as I will continue to do on the Dallas architecture blog, on inspired homes, events, and plans that I think will influence our city. I’m also hoping that you will continue, on the Dallas architecture blog, to identify and share your thoughts on the homes that you think are compelling and add to the quality of Dallas.