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by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

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Older Neighborhoods of Dallas Book, Launched on the Texas Sesquicentennial, Still Relevant

A Guide to the Older Neighborhoods of Dallas Discusses Past and Future of Neighborhoods

A Guide to the Older Neighborhoods of Dallas

At a Toast to Texas celebration on March 2, 1986, the Texas Sesquicentennial, the book I wrote and produced for the Historic Preservation League was launched.  I wrote this beautifully photographed book with the intention that it would be relevant for 10 years.  Now, 30 years later, it is surprisingly relevant and insightful and still captures the vibe, architecture, history and sense of the 30 neighborhoods featured in the book.

The book shot to #2 on the Dallas non-fiction bestseller list, across from my friend Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey’s book, A Woman of Independent Means, that was #1 on the fiction bestseller list.  Besty Hailey’s grandfather, Joe Kendall, was the developer who rang the bell for the land rush in Junius Heights that he was developing in the early 1900s and is one of the neighborhoods in the book.

When A Guide to the Older Neighborhoods of Dallas was written, it captured the history of the neighborhoods, the current state of the neighborhoods and a projection of the neighborhoods’ future.  The projections for the neighborhoods came true and over 30 years later they stay on the same path of success, improvement and vitality. Now with interest in neighborhoods and architecture so prevalent, it is hard to imagine that before this book it was common for most people to refer to gingerbreads in Lakewood West rather than calling them Tudor cottages in Greenland Hills.

These older neighborhoods have new issues and opportunities that have not yet been addressed, but are fertile ground for all those with a passion and interest to make Dallas a more vibrant and warmer community.

Foreword to A Guide to the Older Neighborhoods of Dallas

Foreword to A Guide to the Older Neighborhoods of Dallas

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