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by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

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Which Firm Received 2010 AIA and Texas Society of Architects Firm of the Year?


Oglesby·Greene was recently named the 2010 AIA Architecture Firm of the Year and the Texas Society of Architects (TSA) Firm of the Year.  Oglesby·Greene is an interesting combination of heritage, architectural lineage, and current dynamic work.  I cannot help but think that the Oglesby·Greene historic depth combined with their current design work influenced the discussion and their selection as the Architectural Firm of the Year.

How Does an Architectural Firm Started in 1950 Remain Relevant Today?

Oglesby Greene Modern Home

Oglesby·Greene began as a firm in 1950, started by architect Bud Oglesby, a much loved architectural legend, and included great architectural colleagues like Jim Wiley, FAIA.  The firm became a corporation in 1968 and then it merged with the offices of Graham Greene in 1995 to become Oglesby·Greene which continues to do notable work today.

2010 AIA and Texas Society of Architects Firm of the Year

Three Reasons Why Oglesby·Greene Is So Successful in the 21st Century

1.  Oglesby·Greene has continuity.  Some of the senior partners, including architect Joe McCall, FAIA, have been working together for 30 years.

2.  Oglesby·Greene stays at a good size, capable of designing large projects and small enough to attract the best available young talented architects who are immediately able to make meaningful contributions to the architectural design of the projects.

Oglesby-designed modern homes

3.  Oglesby-designed modern homes and buildings are still being admired 50 and 60 years later.  Every member of Oglesby·Greene must be at least subliminally reminded of this architectural work endures and is applauded 50 years later.

Oglesby•Greene is Perfectly Positioned to Design Notable Architecture

Oglesby·Greene is Perfectly Positioned to Design Notable Architecture

Designing notable buildings that are of their time and timeless is the Oglesby·Greene tradition and is their mission.  The photographs of a recent home they designed reflect the integrated design approach of Oglesby·Greene.  This modern home also shows that this firm does not do white box modern architecture, but stresses the materiality of exterior and interior surfaces.  The color palette is drawn from the natural characteristics of the site.  The refinement and thoughtful placement of structural elements and transparent membranes allows this residence to merge into the landscape while the architecture itself is illuminated.  The front façade of this modern home is respectful of the residential development’s restrictions so it blends into the neighborhood.  The rear façade is more expressive, reflecting the greater expression of nature.

Oglesby•Greene Award Winning House

Oglesby•Greene Award Winning House

Facebook Architecturally Significant Homes Features Oglesby·Greene Award Winning House

Architecturally Significant Homes Features Oglesby•Greene Award Winning House

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