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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

Best of Dallas Home Tours

November 6 & 7

AIA Dallas Tour of Homes
Dan Shipley Architect

Dallas has had a proliferation of home tours since the first Swiss Avenue Home Tour in 1973. Neighborhood home tours, garden home tours, preservation home tours, and Park Cities home tour have all helped educate the public and refine the taste of those interested in good architecture. My favorite tour has become the AIA Dallas modern home tour on November 6 and 7.

Dallas Modern AIA Home Tour

Dallas Modern AIA Home Tour

Modern homes have been the most difficult to access. There are too few modern homes. Also, modern homes are usually designed by an architect for a client so these homes have not been held open like a builder holds open their spec homes for months. The Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects has changed this with the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes. Here architecture aficionados and those just curious have a chance to see a well curated selection of architect designed homes. This modern home tour will give you the chance to see the latest materials and technology, different neighborhoods and locations influencing design, and the architectural approach of very talented architects.

Jim Wiley, FAIA, Designed Magnificent Modern Home in 1956 – See on Tour Magnificent Home Jim Wiley Designed in 2008

Architect Designed Modern Home by Jim Wiley
Jim Wiley Architect

Jim Wiley, FAIA, as a young architect working with Bud Oglesby, designed the celebrated Kelley house in Highland Park in 1956. Architect Jim Wiley, working with Bob Meckfessel designed this Urban Reserve home in 2008. The celebrated Kelley house received the AIA 25 Year Award during the year Bob James was Dallas AIA president and has long been considered an architectural treasure. The modern home Jim Wiley designed for Dorothea and Bart Kelley has been a cultural hub for 50 years.

Now Jim Wiley, FAIA, has designed a modern home for Gloria Wise. What Dorothea Kelley was to chamber music, Gloria Wise was to architecture. For years Gloria Wise was the incredibly successful and influential executive director of the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. She educated, nurtured, encouraged architects and patrons, and was constantly linking people and promoting good architecture.

It is fantastic that we will be able to see the most recent work of Jim Wiley. I am confident this modern home at 33 Vanguard Way will also become an iconic achievement. The home will be open November 6 and 7, 2010.

Architect Nick Glazbrook Designs for Josey Cooner Collins and Marty Collins

Architect Designed Modern Home by Nick Glazbrook
Nick Glazbrook Architect

Nick Glazbrook is an established, talented and decorated architect who has collaborated with Josey Cooner of Scott+Cooner and Marty Collins, the developer of the W in Dallas. All three have made a significant impact on Dallas and you will have a chance to see the Collins residence at 8205 Forest Hills Boulevard on the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes.

Dan Shipley Architect

Architect Designed Modern Home by Dan Shipley
Dan Shipley Architect

Architect Dan Shipley has received Dallas AIA and TSA Awards. Dan Shipley is not a prolific architect but every one of his modern residences is meritorious which makes being able to see the home at 1550 Stemmons Avenue and 25 Vanguard Way very exciting.

Patrick Alexander, AIA

Architect Designed Modern Home by Patrick Alexander
Patrick Alexander Architect

Architect Patrick Alexander has consistently done strong modernist work and continues to show his ability with the modern home he designed at 3156 Brookhollow Drive.

Architects Hammers + Partners

Architect Designed Modern Home by Hammers & Partners
Hammers + Partners Architecture

Hammers + Partners have had an amazing impact on Kessler Woods. Kessler Woods, a collection of modern homes, has drawn attention from across the country. Many of Dallas’s finest architects have designed homes here, but arguably Hammers + Partners have made the greatest contribution.

Susan Appleton

Architect Designed Modern Home by Susan Appleton
Susan Appleton Architect

There has been much excitement about the home Susan Appleton designed at 5707 Del Roy Drive and this will be an interesting modern home to see.

bloc-Design Syndicate with Joshua Nimmo, AIA, LEED AP, Stephanie Saunders, LEED AP, Alan Kagan

Architect Desinged Modern Home by Joshua Nimmo, Stephanie Saunders and Alan Kagan
Joshua Nimmo Architect

There is a great confluence of talent that designed 4414 and 4418 Rusk Avenue. One’s expectations are heightened to see the recent work of Joshua Nimmo, Stephanie Saunders and Alan Kagan on this year’s AIA Dallas Tour of Homes.

Enjoy the 2010 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes

You may buy tickets at the door of any of these homes on tour.

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