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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

Dallas Architecture Blog Identified as one of 100 Most Innovative Blogs

World Architecture

I was pleased to learn that Online Classes recently identified Dallas Architecture Blog as one of the “100 Innovative Blogs for Architecture Students” and one of only twenty within the category of “Architecture Around the World.” Here’s what Online Classes said about the Dallas Architecture Blog: “Arguably the most design-forward city in Texas, Dallas lines its streets and skyline with contemporary architecture and ideas. Check them out here.”

Dallas Architectural Wasteland or Treasure

For years, many dismissed Dallas as an architectural wasteland. I think there are three possible reasons behind that: the images presented in the Dallas television show; the impressions that visitors get as they fly over the neighborhoods near DFW International Airport; and the fact that relocation companies tend to send relocating executives to the most generic suburban neighborhoods. However, the truth is, many homebuyers are choosing to move to Dallas instead of other cities because of the rich reserve of significant architecture.

Architecturally Significant Homes

My real estate firm specializes in architecturally significant homes, modern homes and estate homes for two reasons. One is to identify the finest homes for buyers desiring a home of architectural and aesthetic quality and importance. The other purpose is to bring attention to great architecture and architects in Dallas and to highlight influences from architects across the country that inform Dallas architecture. When people understand their aesthetic environment and the many positive possibilities, better choices are made and the aesthetic landscape continues to improve.

Dallas Has Greatest Collection of 20th Century Architecture in the Country

Dallas has the greatest collection of 20th century architecture and a great start in the 21st century. Thanks to the abundance of good architecture in Dallas, my Web site, and my Dallas Architecture Blog typically come up first when architectural enthusiasts conduct an internet search of terms such as “architecturally significant homes,” “historically significant homes,” “modern homes,” “mid-century homes.” As a result, I have received correspondence from around the world. Authors, professors, students, architects, homeowners and homebuyers have contacted me to discuss Dallas architecture.

The City Benefits, My Clients Benefit

My clients benefit because they know I will understand what they like, what they want and how to get it. As people become more aware of good architecture and are able to find homes featuring significant architecture, the demand for good homes increases and demand for generic builder homes decreases. The more this happens, the more the city of Dallas benefits.

Advocates of good architecture have been great advocates of my business. Clients and friends recognize the role they play as champions for good architecture, beautiful neighborhoods and a vibrant city.

Even if you can’t hire an architect or design a spectacular estate home, you can help promote high-quality architecture in your community. Everyone does know someone who is considering buying or building a home. Join me in recommending your family or friends to use an architect or to buy a home with enduring architectural value. And when you know a person who is considering selling a historic or period modern home, urge them to put measures in place to preserve that home. In my experience, almost every property will sell for more if buyers are made aware of the home’s architectural features – as opposed to simply selling a property as a” teardown” sold for lot value. I am always delighted to discuss with property owners the best way to preserve and perpetuate their property and obtain the best price when the time comes.

The Interest in Architecture and Architect Designed Homes Keeps Increasing – The Dallas Architecture Blog Will Keep Discussing

When discussed the types of blogs they selected, they explained, “The 100 blogs selected encompass the array of fields and specialties within the world of architecture.” asks the viewer “to research and enjoy the art behind landscaping and green buildings; take a step into the future with modernism, or look into the past at classical European design. Whatever you do, be inspired.”

This is exactly the intent of the Dallas Architecture Blog – to research, discover, enjoy and be inspired. Hosting this blog and Web site has been fun, because so many people are passionate about architecture.

We will continue our efforts and thank you for your interest and support.

Remember, architecture is our public art.

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  1. Aubrey Says:

    “In my experience, almost every property will sell for more if buyers are made aware of the home’s architectural features – as opposed to simply selling a property as a” teardown” sold for lot value” it’s sad to think of how many houses get torn down because of cost or ease of demolition vs. redesign and repair.

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