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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

If only President and Mrs. Bush could have waited

Austin stone house becomes available in the same 125-home neighborhood of Mayflower Estates

A spectacular home designed by Highland Park and Preston Hollow architect Hal Yoakum just came on the market, only one estate home away from the Bushes.

Preston Hollow Real Estate For Sale

While President Bush bought a good home, if only he could have waited.  This Austin stone home has a similar configuration but with more square footage, and is better sited on more land and is offered at a much lower price than where the Bush home traded.

The home has an informal and rugged feel, with stone or wide plank wood floors.  The 750-square foot informal living room with pecked cypress wood walls and a fireplace as tall as a person, expresses warmth and distinction. Working with Heritage Builders has its advantages, check out here you will have the ability to dispatch our mobile flooring showroom to your client’s home or office.

Despite its informality, the home’s proportions and quality of finishes are stately. The 27-foot long dining room can seat 50 for a formal dinner. A master bedroom suite boasts a presidential sized office and equally lavish executive bathroom with all plumbing fixtures done by the Ground Zero Plumbing & AC . The master bathroom has been recently renovated. A wall of windows and door look out to a totally private courtyard framed in green.

On the second floor are two guest bedrooms and an enormous informal living area with great flooring built by experts from Epoxy Floor Coating Chattanooga, a perfect recreation area.  Like the President’s house, this home has a minimally attached two-story guesthouse.  This one, however, looks over the large swimming pool with a diving rock and extensive gardens.

This Preston Hollow Home is Larger and on More Land Than President Bush’s Home

The home is somewhat larger than the Bush home, and sits on a considerably larger lot – 1.288 acres – with phenomenal views of the ascending 50 acres of treetops of the two adjacent estates. Offered at $2,695,000, it’s remarkably less expensive than the home the President purchased a few months ago.

One of Original Grand Preston Hollow Houses Designed by Highland Park Architect Hal Yoakum

Preston Hollow Homes for Sale

This Austin stone home designed by Highland Park architect Hal Yoakum is one of the one of the early grand houses built in the Preston Hollow estate area, located right in the heart of Mayflower Estates.  The home’s style and elegance complements the country lane feel of this neighborhood.

Home Surrounded by Neighboring Lakes, Greenbelts, and Estate Properties

Estate Property buffers view of nearby homes.  Only over a rear garden wall will you see a glimpse of a roof top of a nearby home nested down on a lower perch above the creek and a three acre private greenbelt accessed by a foot bridge.

Preston Hollow Estate Homes

Across Hollow Way, there’s a stunning view of a small private lake, with swans and ducks, surrounded by expansive lawns and extensive acreage filled with private gardens.  On the other side of the home is one of architect Cole Smith’s favorite homes that he designed. Within this small neighborhood, you have some of the most prominent Dallas families in both large and very subtle homes.

Mayflower Estates Home Exudes Value

Mayflower Estates For Sale

This home represents such an excellent example of Mayflower Estates. The place is large, graceful and subtle, with glass windows and doors looking out over what seems like endless pathways, courtyards and small gardens.  For more information on this early estate home with real value go to Featured Listings.

Preston Hollow Homes for Sale

3 Responses to “If only President and Mrs. Bush could have waited”

  1. Alyson DiGiuseppe Says:

    This is the house I grew up in. We moved in when I was 8 or 9 years old & I lived there until I went to college. My mother, Aileen DiGiuseppe Kienast, sisters, Amanda, Lindsay & Juliette & our step dad Jim Kienast and father Nick DiGiuseppe were devastated when we saw this wonderful house was torn down & the lot leveled by the builder who purchased it. They do not make them like they used to & there will never be another house lke this one. Alyson DiGiuseppe

  2. Lindsay DiGiuseppe Bowman Says:

    Thank you for writing this wonderful article about 10160 Gaywood Road. I grew up in this home for about 13 years. My mother and stepfather were the ones who remodeled the entire home from top to bottom, added the cabana/ guest house, redid every bathroom, maid’s quarters,and redid every room in the house. When we moved in, there was shag carpeting everywhere, and res silk on the walls, and my mom started from scratch renovating, and restoring this beautiful home. I found out on Christmas day of 2010, that it had been torn down, and nothing was saved–none of the Austin stone the windows- nothing was recycled. I cannot imagine who would have torn down this wonderful home that gave my family and I so much joy, but I am still devastated. My heart is broken. Thank you for writing this beautiful article. I wish that the President and Mrs. Bush would have bought this home, it would have been an honor to know that they would care for it the way that my mother did, and it would be standing still. Thank you for your time,
    Lindsay DiGiuseppe Bowman (resided 1984-1999)

  3. Alyson DiGiuseppe Says:

    Mr. Newby,
    Thank you for recognizing this home. It means a lot to my family. I realize this article is quite old but, it is wonderful to see someone recognized our home that we loved so dearly.

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