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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

Old Highland Park

English Style Home Epitomizes Highland Park Community

Highland Park Landscape

Highland Park Historic Homes

Landscape Architect Wilbur Cook emphasized parks, creeks and trees when he designed Highland Park in the early 20th century.  Architects skilled at designing the eclectic homes drawn from European precedents created block after block the most beautiful homes in Dallas.

Highland Park Architectural Styles

From the 1920s and 1930s both charming and majestic homes were built including Mediterranean style, Colonial, Georgian, Tudor and other English style homes.

Highland Park Real Estate - Beverly Drive

Dallas Tudor Style Architecture

Highland Park Georgian Style Architecture

3409 Princeton Avenue Highland Park Homes For Sale

New Highland Park Homes

Today we see new homes built in variations of these styles but in a much larger scale with heavier moldings and greater ornamentation to fill the voluminous space.  Simple Mediterranean homes are now being replaced with heavily ornamented Tuscan mansions.

There is a grandeur and opulence conveyed with these newly – created Highland Park estate homes.  They are more the size and style of estate homes that are being built in the suburbs and across the country.

Old Highland Park

All the new construction brings even greater attention to Old Highland Park and its sustained allure over the decades and its nationwide notoriety as an incredible place.  Visitors don’t ooohh and aaahh over the size of the houses, as large houses are ubiquitous.  Visitors are impressed by the bucolic quality, the beautifully designed homes, lovely gardens, azaleas along Turtle Creek and the tree moon lighting John Watson introduced to Dallas and the rest of the country, the parks and creeks and tree shaded streets that declared peace and prosperity and prestige!

Highland Park
New England Influence

While Highland Park was inspired by Beverly Hills, it also takes a cue from New England.  Many Highland Park residents attended East Coast prep schools and colleges.  Many Highland Park families have family homes and vacation homes in New England.

Highland Park Home Coming on Market

Highland Park Home For Sale

Classic Home in Highland Park For Sale

A Highland Park home that is coming on the market exudes the best of Old Highland Park and hints at the New England heritage of a certain part of Highland Park.

Princeton Avenue Home For Sale - Highland Park Historic Homes

This English style home at 3409 Princeton is beautifully designed.  Because it sits on a quarter of an acre of land and shares the street’s canopy of trees with other lovely and original Highland Park homes, a person has more of the sensation of a small New England town or the English countryside than being just a few miles from the Arts District downtown or a few blocks from the vibrancy of the retail and restaurants of Knox/Henderson.

More Chic than a Tudor, Larger Than a Cottage
While some of the neighboring Tudor homes look proud and stately, this home is balanced without the rigidity of cross-timbers or the urban privacy of small windows.

Classic and Elegant Highland Park Homes for Sale

Large Divided Light Windows

Highland Park Home for Sale
Dallas Homes for Sale Highland Park

The central design of this country English style home is the wide, bowed bank of divided light windows found in virtually every room:  the formal rooms, sitting rooms, sun rooms, informal living rooms and bedrooms.  Every room looks into a garden, view garden or flowing courtyard.

Highland Park Dallas Home For Sale

The two-story street presence and the wide dormers make the home much larger than a Tudor cottage, but the scale of this 4,000 sf, four bedroom home is more intimate and inviting than the homes with 2 1/2 story tall facades that share an English origin.

Sophisticated yet Simple Highland Park Home

A Lovely Neighborhood is Highest Priority for Elengant Home Owners

Some neighborhoods just suggest old money, prestige, tranquility and aesthetic achievement.  Old Highland Park does and this English inspired home certainly contributes to the enduring appeal of this Highland Park community.

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