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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

Midcentury Modern Home – A Triumph of Small

Small and Efficient is Interpreted as Voluminous and Open

Midcentury Modern Home Dallas

Midcentury Modern Home in Dallas

Midcentury Modern Homes are often hidden and never seen in remote neighborhoods or obscured by the landscape of the site. Here is a 2,000 square foot midcentury modern home found in Dallas on a very prominent neighborhood street.

Mid century Modern Home University Park

Dallas Architect and Home Owner Designs His Own Modern Home and Studio

Architect and artist Glenn Allen Galaway designed this modern home as his own residence and studio. Remarkably, it is architecturally demure and respectful, at the same time it is architecturally bold and dramatic. This modern home is demure – set back on the site and fully integrated in the rich landscape of the setting. It is bold – a simple structure, with a dynamic design so tightly organized that it seems to “explode off the page,” exuding energy and becoming a visual magnet just as a sculpture would in a park.

The Style of Philip Jonhson - Glenn Allen Galaway

Dallas Architect Glenn Allen Galaway Protege of Architect Philip Johnson

Glenn Allen Galaway’s friendship with Philip Johnson and the recipient of his architectural influence is apparent from the large public room with a wall of glass doors and glazed openings to the rear garden. The scale of the home and the transparent wall are reminiscent of Philip Johnson’s Glass House. It was a space where the cultural leaders of Dallas, artists, museum directors, professors, art historians, and designers convened socially.

Midcentury Modern Home - Original Interiors

Mid Century Modern Interiors Collage Furniture Dallas

Midcentury Home Emphases View into Gardens

Successful midcentury homes, often small, have efficient space. Glenn Allen Galaway designed a home with no extraneous space, but increased the volume of the rooms with tall ceilings and visually expanded the rooms with full length windows looking into view gardens.

Mid Century Modern Home for Sale

Midcentury Modern Home University Park

Glass Walls Extenuates Modern Home In University Park

The surprisingly commodious feel of the home is also accomplished by rooms with glass looking across the terrace into rooms with glass walls.

Midcentury Modern Architecture and interiors

The detail is spare and elegant. The built-in modern classroom desks, study desks and drawers are sleek and inviting.

Mid Century Modern Dallas Real Estate

The 105 foot width of the lot allows for an additional 2,000 foot structure to be built on a hidden corner of the rear garden, minimally connected to the original house, which will also enjoy full views of the garden.

Glenn Allen Galaway

Midcentury Modern architecture

Architecture Awards

The American Institute of Architects Dallas Chapter identified this midcentury modern home as the finest midcentury modern home in University Park, and it is one of the finest midcentury modern homes in the U.S. This Glenn Allen Galaway home was first recognized by a committee comprised of the city’s most knowledgeable patrons, professions, and civic leaders in art, architecture and design, including the presidents of the organizations and museums dedicated to art, architecture and design. This committee surveyed the city and identified 50 significant homes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dallas AIA Chapter. During the last year, the AIA Dallas Chapter awarded this home its rarely bestowed 25 Year Award for a home that is at least 25 years old and continues to inspire.

Mid Century Modern Homes for Sale Dallas

Midcentury Modern Home Sold by Douglas Newby

This midcentury modern home, was sold by Douglas Newby. For information on current mid century modern homes for sale  contact Douglas Newby on 214-522-1000.

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  1. Michele Says:

    What a great resource for architecture styles, your photographs are very impressive. I would like to see more examples of midcentury modern homes in the US. I visited your site and it gave me a complete new idea of what Dallas is like, so much is going on there…I will put it on my architecture map of places to visit.

  2. Douglas Newby Says:

    Thank you so much for the message. I will be posting photographs of two additional midcentury modern homes in Dallas soon.

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