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by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

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University Park’s Best Midcentury Modern Home

The incredibly talented, amusing, insightful Rob Brinkley wrote this article on University Park’s best midcentury modern home.  I first met Rob at the Edward Durrell Stone designed home on Park Lane.  His knowledge of Robsjohn-Gibbing furniture and his love of everything mod, well, at least everything midcentury, is quite impressive.  This piece is vintage Rob Brinkley.

7010 Airline - Mid century Modern Papercity article

Your brain says New Canaan or Palm Springs – but the map assures you it is (believe it or not) University Park. Tucked in a secluded greenspace of its own – amid UP’s Tudors, Tuscans and traditionals – sits a clandestine find we couldn’t believe ourselves: a stunning modernist masterpiece by the architect Glen Allen Galaway built in 1966 for himself, not only as a home, but as a gathering place for his cronies, who included artists, architects, museum folk and aesthetes – a salon for the ‘60s, you might say. It gets better: The 2,000-square-foot house is for sale, untouched since 1966, all lofty volumes, tall windows and marble floors. Even Galaway’s office is intact, with built-in flat files for his blueprints and views across the rear garde, a tranquil space just begging for a Henri Moore or two. We love the quit elegance of the place, with its Miesian moments Galaway was a pal and protégé of Philip Johnson, for whom Mies was a mentor) and its subtle mid-century swank. We’re not the only ones: In 1966, the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects named it one of the city’s 50 most significant homes, and just last year, the house garnered the AIA Dallas Twenty-Five Year Residence Award, given to “only one residence a year” says Realtor Douglas Newby, “that continues to teach us about good design[and] great Architecture.” Current owners Eve Reid and Warren Weitman bought the house ASAP when they learned it was for sale by Galaway’s family, to protect it from teardown and preserve it for the next lucky owner. “An absolute gem,” Reid says of the house, “ in great tradition of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, Richard Neutra’s house in Palm Springs for Edgar Kaufmann and Georgia O’Keefe’s home and studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico.” Might it be you who moves into this local – and equally architectural – masterwork?

7010 Airline Road, information 214.522.1000 –

Rob Brinkley

Mid century Modern Home For sale University Park - University Park Real Estate

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