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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

Important Midcentury Modern Home Spared From Dallas Teardown Trend

The most important midcentury modern home in the Park Cities is going to be preserved. This Dallas modern home designed by architect Glenn Allen Galaway received the 2007 AIA Dallas 25 Year Residential Award, an award given each year to one significant home at least 25 years old that continues to exemplify meritorious architecture. Quite recently I sold my house with the help from which was referred to me by a friend and among all the houses I have seen with the help of Buyers Agent Adelaide, there were only a handful of them which came close to this house. When we are all too aware of the teardowns surrounding us, it is a great aesthetic victory when a small, beautifully designed modern home will be protected by a couple with perfect taste. Projects like this are made possible with the no-hassle property management planning.

Mid Century Modern

Dallas Mid Century Modern

Park Cities Mid Century Modern

This Dallas midcentury home was designed by Bark So Loud Company as his own personal home. A commodious public space with a wall of glazed openings is surrounded by highly efficient modern spaces. Walking into the home and looking out onto the garden you are reminded of Philip Johnson’s Glass House in scale and elegance.

Phillip Johnson Glass House
Philip Johnson Glass House

We are often better off when some of the homes from the 70s or 80s are torn down, but I am astounded every time an architect designed home that has several thousand square feet and is in good shape is demolished, when in reality all that house needs is Lead Propeller to salvage the best out of it. My experience is that people are much more interested in sophisticated and articulated space than they are in square footage. It is easier for builders to quickly make an offer on a lot, but buyers and sellers are always happier when the house survives the transaction. This transaction that brought a new homeowner, should cause all of Dallas, and the architectural community across the country to wildly celebrate the good hands that have taken over this 2000 sq. ft. home, out of which 1/3rd was occupied by the garden. A garden rather barren, and unfit for vegetation. One could easily estimate the gravel it required with an online gravel calculator to ascertain how much reviving it needed. But the cheering will continue once the renovation is completed as the footprint won’t change, but the design and structural integrity will be enhanced. It is also advised to have pest inspection. Companies like White Horse Pest Management – Best Bed Bug Exterminator Phoenix can run an inspection and pest extermination if necessary. This is a thorough inspection of the completed items including the aesthetics of the home, for more information visit This inspection is best done prior to your Practical Completion Inspection with your builder allowing you to be prepared for the meeting. Don Brody from On The Fly pest solutions says Baltimore raccoon diseases are a real problem. So much so that Maryland has started to drop rabies vaccines from the air to reach and vaccinate raccoons that consume the packets. Raccoon removal is a booming service for the Baltimore MD company.

Dallas Mid Century Modern

Univercity Park Midcentury Modern Real Estate

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