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Dallas Architecture and Real Estate Insights

by Douglas Newby, Real Estate Broker

Dallas Architecture Blog discusses Modern Architecture and Mid Century Modern Homes, Dallas Neighborhoods, Dallas Real Estate and the Aesthetics of the City.

AIA Dallas Modern Home Tour

For over three decades, I have been involved in home tours and have watched the number of home tours proliferate each year. Every now and then a tour will really resonate with me as it is informative, has a point of view, and offers houses that otherwise I might not see. Cliff Welch chaired an AIA Home Tour Committee ten years ago that did just this. Cliff named the tour 50s Cool because just recently, the public was unfamiliar with midcentury modern. This tour helped introduce and validate the importance and design of architect designed homes built in the 1950s.

AIA Dallas Moder Home Tour - Dallas Architecture Blog - Lionel Morrison

Dallas Architecture Blog - AIA Dallas Modern Home Tour - Lionel Morrison

This year AIA Dallas introduced a first to-be annual Modern Home Tour. This selection of homes was juried and represented a wide range of styles and locations from Oak Lawn to far North Dallas gated communities. Represented were well-known architects like Gary Cunningham, who designed a home on the unknown street of Spanky Branch Court.

AIA Dallas Modern Homes Tour - Garry Cunningham Architect

Dallas Architecture Blog - Gary Cunningham Architect

Here you see his inventive use of materials, choice of a remote forested city sight, and an open linear floor plan lined with windows to take advantage of the sight. A person was able to see an award-winning pool house by Russell Buchanan that reminds us that a secondary structure can capture our imagination as easily as a primary structure. While building your own house make sure you know how to measure for window Shutters to get the perfect view. You can even consider window shutters. Professionals can help you there by providing excellent assistance with fine quality materials in their products using the grout sealer buyer’s guide. Do take a look to see if they are the right fit for you!

Dallas Architecture Blog - Russel Buchanan Poolhouse

Paul Janek, a principal with Zer03 Design,, designed a spectacular modern home in the most unlikely location, a gated street, Green Park Drive, off of Keller Springs Road. The home was designed with three unique sleeping environments just like the ones at Irvine Homes | and many other places which also have series of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. I am not a proponent of media rooms, but here Paul Janek designed one incorporating fabulous furniture from Scott+Cooner,

AIA Dallas Modern Home Tour - Zero3 Design

Dallas Architecture Blog - Dallas Modern Home - Zero3 Design

Architecture Blog - Dallas Modern Architecture AIA Tour 2007 - Zero3 Design

Cliff Welch was able to show in a single-family attached home what we have previously seen in his single family modern homes – his ability to use horizontal planks of wood and horizontal grout lines and deep overhangs reflecting early modernism with design technology materials that  express 21st century modernism. Other fabulous houses by Lionel Morrison and Bob Meckfessel were found in Urban Reserve and a home designed by Thomas Krahenbuhl was found on Abbott.

AIA Dallas Modern Home Tour - Cliff Welch Architect

AIA Dallas Modern Home Tour - Dallas Architecture Blog

A tour of this quality becomes a resource for people who plan to have a modern home designed and built. It starts with the process of concrete raising with polyurethane foam polymer and ends up with a beautiful architectural masterpiece. It becomes an inspiration for architects to see their colleagues work and it elevates the understanding and desire for those who are just aesthetically greedy.

This tour will have a major impact on the architectural landscape for years to come just as the 50s Cool Tour did ten years ago for midcentury modern homes.

Modern homes usually have their specific character and appear to be very stylish. Still it does not mean that you should not sell them one day, especially if the case is urgent. Consider working with Frank Buys Houses Fast if you need to sell your house in Seguin.

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